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Results Of Our Client Survey For Comfort Keepers Senior Care In Hilliard, OH

A client survey was sent out, to both our current and past clients in Hilliard, OH, to evaluate our senior care on ten key components.

  1. Initial in-home visit

During the initial visit the person you met with was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.  They answered all your questions, allowed you time to consider your decision and made you feel you had made the best decision for you or your loved one.

100% of surveyed respondents agreed.


  1. Dependability of caregivers

Caregivers are on time, they stay for the full length of the shift, do what is expected, you trust they will be there when you need them, if there is a call off your schedule is not impacted.

100% of surveyed respondents agreed.


  1. Consistency of caregivers

Our goal is to provide consistent caregivers so a bond can be built between the client and the caregiver, changes in condition can be easily recognized, the caregiver knows what to do and how to do it without the client needing to explain.  Caregivers are introduced to the client to help with the start of services.  When changes in staff are needed the new caregiver shadows the previous caregiver for a time period to be oriented to the client.  We want to build the security, trust and bond that are so critical in senior care.

95% of surveyed respondents agreed.


  1. Caregivers are trained

We spend a great deal of time training our caregivers upon hire and through their continued employment to make sure they are ready to meet our client’s needs.  Using Comfort Keepers Interactive Caregiving Training is important so that we understand how clients like things done and we are keeping our clients engaged to the extent of their abilities.

95% of surveyed respondents agreed.


  1. Caregivers are caring, quality individuals 

Hiring the best caregivers is top priority for Comfort Keepers.  We hire unique and special individuals with a variety of backgrounds to match our unique and special clients. Matching caregivers and clients based on personality, needs, and skills required for senior care. 

100% of surveyed respondents agreed.


  1. How we manage your case

At the beginning of service a thorough assessment is completed to assist us in determining the client’s likes and dislikes, needs: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual so that we can create a specialized Guide to Care to meet all of the clients’ needs.  The Guide to Care is used by the caregivers so they know the specifics about the client so the best senior can be provided.  The Guide to Care is also used when a change in caregivers is needed to help with a smooth transition.

100% of surveyed respondents agreed.


  1. How we communicate care

There are times when we have multiple caregivers with a client, the client is on hospice or other agencies are involved in care it becomes critical that client status is communicated and documented.  Comfort Keepers takes the lead on this and creates specialized care logs based on the clients’ needs and status.

100% of surveyed respondents agreed.


8.   How we supervise your care

There are several steps we take when supervising your care.  We introduce the caregivers, a follow up call is made after the end of the first shift to make sure everything went well, cases are reviewed weekly with your caregiver, follow up visits are made to evaluate status and needs, additional referrals are provided to help the client stay in their home or proceed to the next step of care.  We have over 15 years of consulting and referral experience to help clients and their families make the best decision in regards to senior care.

100% of surveyed respondents agreed.


  1. Open communications

It is our intention to be available to our clients and caregivers whenever needed.  Personally answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a professional, friendly manner.  

100% of surveyed respondents agreed.


  1. Billing

We want to build trust with our clients and their families.  We take the time at the initial home visit to explain all costs associated with our services.  Special care is given weekly to ensure correct invoices are sent to clients.

100% of surveyed respondents agreed.

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3974 Brown Park Dr Suite E, Hilliard, OH 43026

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