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The Advantage of Comfort Keepers In Home Elderly Care In Hilliard, OH

Learn more about the advantages of in home elderly care for seniors in the Hilliard, OH area.

Hiring Quality, Compassionate Comfort Keepers

  • Our caregivers are special. We call them Comfort Keepers.
  • We provide selectively recruited, thoroughly trained Comfort Keepers.
  • Candidates go through three interviews with the final interview and hiring decision made by the owner. On average, only 10% of applicants are hired. We strive to hire the best.
  • When hiring, one of our most important criteria for hiring is to hire the right qualities rather than specific experience or training. "It's difficult to train a porcupine to be a teddy bear."
  • Comfort Keepers are fully managed, trained, supervised, evaluated and recognized through our Comfort Keeper of the Quarter and Comfort Keeper of the Year awards.

For your Protection

  • Comfort Keepers' utilizes the gold standard when conducting criminal record checks on all of our potential new employees. Comfort Keepers requires all employees to have a clean background record.
  • Background checks consist of:
    • Social Security Trace to confirm a match between the caregiver's name(s), social security number and residences.
    • In-person County Criminal check for a minimum of the last seven years in each county of residence run on all names, aliases and aka's found through the Social Security Trace.
    • In-person Federal Court Record Check for a minimum of the last seven years in each county of residence run on all names, aliases and aka's found through the Social Security Trace.
    • National Criminal Database search including Sex Offender, Abuse and Violent Offender registries for all names found on Social Security trace.
    • Motor Vehicle Driving record for all states of residence for the last three years.
    • CareGuard -Daily Re-certification for notification of offenses occurring after hire. 
  • All our staff are employees of Comfort Keepers. They are not independent contractors. We take responsibility for the following so our clients are not held responsible as an employer:
    • Bonding and Liability insurance for your protection.
    • Worker's Compensation Insurance so an injury that might occur in a client's home will not place the client in financial jeopardy.
    • Payment of all payroll taxes, i.e. FICA, Medicare, income, unemployment, and the like with all federal, state and local taxing authorities so clients will not have to bear this legal responsibility.
    • Managing the client and caregiver relationship, including assignments, scheduling, supervision and training.
  • Drug Tests are performed upon hire and on a random basis with no advanced notification.
  • Comfort Keepers are carefully matched and assigned by the Client Care Coordinator based on personality, needs of the client, skills, and experience of the Comfort Keeper.

Highly Trained Comfort Keepers

  • No matter the experience level, all Comfort Keepers go through the Comfort Keepers' training so they are trained the Comfort Keepers' way.
  • Comfort Keepers receive 35 hours of training their first year and 20 hours annually. Certification is obtained through written and verbal testing and skills demonstrations.
  • Modules of training include: HIPPA & Privacy Practices, Home Safety, Wheelchair/Transfers, Infection Control, Managing Medication, Fall Prevention, Elder Abuse, Hearing Loss, Alzheimer's, Personal Hygiene Care, Interactive Caregiving, Homemaking, Nutrition, and Diseases Associated with Aging.
  • Comfort Keepers unique "Circle of Life" training- understanding the psychology of aging.
  • Disease specific training is provided based on the needs of their clients.

Caregiver Retention

  • The average Comfort Keepers length of employment is two years. Industry average is less than one year.
  • 80% of our Comfort Keepers have been employed with us for over one year.
  • According to employee survey results our caregivers:
    • Are proud to be Comfort Keepers
    • Would recommend Comfort Keepers as a place to work
    • Feel Comfort Keepers is well managed
    • Are highly satisfied and enjoy their work very much

Comfort Keepers Healthcare Service Technology

  • Comfort Keepers utilizes a scheduling program that allows us to carefully match our Comfort Keepers with the client's specific needs and personality.
  • To ensure our clients are receiving care at the appropriate time we utilize a clock in and out process from the client's location.  Office staff is notified within 10 minutes of a late clock in so the verification process can begin.  99% of the time we find the caregiver arrived early and started assisting the client prior to clock in.
  • Caregivers report status of daily tasks.  When tasks are not completed a reason is recorded.  The office and the family have access to all task status and messages.
  • Through our Family Room portal loved ones can be granted access to view the task status, messages, invoices, payments, Comfort keepers and schedule.  As an additional benefit there is a calendar for family members to coordinate and schedule events such as visits from loved ones and doctor's appointments.  The family calendar is only viewable by the family members granted access.
  • Auto debit of checking and savings accounts and credit card processing are used to reduce the need for weekly check writing and mailing.
  • Invoices can be emailed.  In addition invoices and payments can be viewed online via the Family Room. 
  • Safety is a primary concern for everyone. Comfort Keepers "Safety Choice" program can provide you with monitoring devices that provide continuous coverage and peace-of-mind no matter what time of day.

Keeping our Clients involved through Interactive CaregivngTM 

  • Comfort Keepers encourage client interaction and participation in order to maintain our client's independence and dignity.
  • One of the biggest fears of the elderly is change and loss of independence. Maintaining the client's dignity and respect by involving them in their in home elderly care heightens their level of confidence and allows them to maintain "control" over their environment.
  • Interactive CaregivingTM increases their need to feel useful and important.
  • Creating an engaging and stimulating environment between the client and their Comfort Keeper.
  • Studies have shown, keeping seniors mentally and emotionally engaged in everyday life is as, if not more important than their physical care. Although physical ability is very important...there is a connection between physical and mental/emotional well-being.
  • A positive, active, and engaged senior enjoys a better quality of life and state of well-being. 
  • Comfort Keepers latest product offering is called grandPad.  This device is a simple and secure tablet that digitally connects a senior to their family and friends. The senior can easily view family photos and videos, play games, see weather for each family member, listen to music, check email, make phone calls, place a video chat, and much more. 

Client Satisfaction

  • We have provided in home elderly care to three of our first clients for over 7 years.
  • On average, we care for our clients for two to three years.
  • We provide consistency of Comfort Keepers with clients to help build the bond between the two.
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys are conducted twice a year. Over the past three years, 96% of our clients would recommend Comfort Keepers.

Comfort Keepers Guarantee

  • Comfort Keepers provides a commitment and guarantee to our clients and their families 100% shift coverage.

Established Agency with over 16 Years Experience  

  • Well established community reputation for quality care.
  • We have created a detailed "Referral Source Guide" to help assist loved ones struggling to find answers and solutions to aging issues.
  • Member of: Better Business Bureau, Certified Senior Advisors, National Private Duty Association, Franklin County Task Force on Aging, Lions Club International.
  • Owner is former two year term representative of the National Comfort Keepers Advisory Committee.
  • A+ Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau for over 15 years.

Hands on Business Philosophy

  • Comfort Keepers Management has over 4,500 hours of direct client care experience allowing knowledge and experiences to assist our Comfort Keepers to better handle client situations they may encounter.
  • We are always available- our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • In-Home Assessments are conducted by the owner
  • Owners know each and every client and Comfort Keeper.
  • Clients have direct access to management with concerns or questions.

Read what Comfort Keepers of Hilliard clients are saying about their in home elderly care experience, Client Testimonials.

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