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When a senior loved one needs help with daily living goals to remain independent and vital, many family members consider providing the help themselves. Others worry about the negative consequences of caregiving that are so often highlighted in the media. The truth is that there are challenges to providing care for a senior, but the benefits are so much greater. In fact, according to a survey by the National Opinion Research Center, 83 percent of family care providers viewed their experience as positive.

Why Should You Become a Caregiver in Commercial Point, OH?

Initially, when one chooses to become a care provider, they are deciding to share their life with another soul. These individuals will never have to go through life wondering if they have made a difference on this earth. Beyond the intrinsic reasons to become a caregiver, however, there are many other benefits. Consider the following:

  • Care providers help keep their senior loved one healthy. Research proves that seniors who receive home health care recover faster from illness and injury, end up in the hospital less frequently, and have a significantly lower risk of contracting infections.
  • Caregiving improves mental and physical acuity. Caregiving requires one to keep active, remain vigilant, and make frequent decisions. As a result, care providers often maintain their physical strength, improve memory capacity, and avoid age-related ailments such as cognitive decline.
  • Care providers set positive examples for their own families. This is important since they, too, may require help and assistance at some point. Statistically, those who provide care and have a spouse or children reap these karmic rewards. Others may not receive support from a family member, but a professional care provider can repay their compassion.

If you decide to become a care provider, it will be hard work, but it does not have to be done alone. Support, assistance, and guidance are always just a phone call away. Comfort Keepers caregivers can work in tandem with you, provide facets of care on a regular basis, or even cover all the bases while you take a respite.

For more information on how to become a caregiver or how to receive help and support, contact a Comfort Keepers senior care coordinator today. 

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