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Respite Care in Commercial Point, OH

Learn how respite care can help seniors in Commercial Point, OH receive care while giving family caregivers a break.

Despite the many challenges family caregivers face providing long-term care for a senior loved one, research suggests that few caregivers bow down to these pressures. Instead, family members strive to provide their very best care despite a lack of proper training, support, or assistance. Sadly, despite their efforts, the result is often less than optimal for both the caregiver and the senior.

Continual stress, fatigue, social isolation, and frustration leads to a condition known as caregiver burnout. As a result, a large percentage of caregivers end up suffering from chronic medical and psychological problems, including high rates of clinical depression. When caregivers are not at their best, seniors do not receive the level of support they need or that the caregiver intended to provide. The care can even become risky if the caregiver becomes too fatigued or depressed, especially when combined with the additional challenges of progressive illness, dementia, or significant issues such as late-stage cancer, Parkinson's, or ALS.

The good news is that caregiver burnout can be avoided and even reversed. The key to both avoiding and reversing caregiver burnout is maintaining or re-establishing a healthy care-life balance. The challenge for most caregivers, however, is finding a way to balance care while still ensuring their senior loved one receives all of the care, support, and supervision that they need.

A respite is a short break from caregiving duties ranging from a few hours up to several days or even a week in length designed to provide family caregivers the opportunity to take a little time off and recharge their reserves. Research suggests that utilizing respite breaks on a regular basis can reduce stress, decrease instances of chronic illness in caregivers, and even improve cognitive functioning and emotional well-being. Even better, when family caregivers are refreshed and possess a clear mind, positive attitude, and physical strength, they are able to provide vastly superior care and supervision to their senior loved one.

Respite care is the specialized care and supervision provided to seniors for the express purpose of caregivers taking a respite break. Comfort Keepers provides non-medical respite care supports 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. They also specialize in complex care, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s support, hospital to home transitions, and end of life care.

For information about the many ways Comfort Keepers respite care services can maximize the quality of life for you and your senior loved one, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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