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Transitioning Home Care for Seniors in Commercial Point, OH

Learn about the benefits of transitioning home care for seniors in Commercial Point, OH and how this can help them avoid returning to the hospital.

Many of the nation's 47 million seniors require daily living assistance to remain safe and independent. According to the United States Census Bureau, the number of seniors is set to grow dramatically over the next two to three decades. The number of seniors requiring assistance is expected to rise proportionally.

In addition to daily living assistance, most seniors will require other forms of support as well. For example, seniors utilize hospital services at a greater rate than individuals in other age groups. Many also have a more difficult time recovering from their stays in the hospital. From broken bones and joint replacements to auto accidents, cancers, and respiratory or cardiac disorders, seniors receive disproportionate hospitalization and longer recovery times once discharged.

What Are the Benefits of Transitioning Home Care for Seniors in Commercial Point, OH?

Beyond hospitalization is the care required once seniors leave the hospital. While some seniors receive support from family members or friends, nearly 50 percent of American seniors live alone and/or lack the social support they need to effectively recover from an illness or injury at home. This is the purpose of Comfort Keepers transitioning home care for seniors.

Seniors are dramatically more likely to be readmitted to a hospital than individuals of other age groups. The primary reason for this disparity is a lack of proper support, home care, and medical follow-up. With transitioning home care for seniors, your elderly loved one can receive physical supports, medication management assistance, and personal care in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Further, they have access to local transportation services to ensure they get back and forth from follow-up appointments and therapy sessions.

Transitioning home care often starts by picking up a senior from the hospital and ensuring they get home safely. From there, caregivers pick up prescriptions, prepare meals that follow a proper or prescribed diet, reduce fall risks in the home, and provide essential social and emotional support.

Many seniors do not have the support they need to effectively and safely transition from the hospital to the home. With Comfort Keepers transitioning home care for seniors, your senior loved one will. 

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