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Transitional Care: Personal Home Care for Seniors in London, OH

Find out more about the transitional personal home care we provide for seniors returning home from the hospital in London, OH.

The first 30 to 60 days after a senior loved one is discharged from the hospital is critical to the overall effectiveness of their recovery. Sadly, many studies show a significant number of seniors (between 30 and 50 percent) end up back in the hospital during this time period. In order to reduce the risk of your senior loved one suffering setbacks and being re-admitted to the hospital, consider the benefits of Comfort Keepers hospital to home transition care.

Personal Home Care for the Transition Home in London, OH

With Comfort Keepers hospital to home transition assistance, the primary reasons seniors end up in the emergency room or back in the hospital are addressed:

Mismanagement of Medication. The number one reason seniors are readmitted to the hospital involves adverse reactions to medication, medication mismanagement, and the inability to take medications as prescribed. When seniors return from the hospital, many times they are physically, emotionally, or cognitively unable to take medications the way there were prescribed. Sometimes, the challenges are related to an underlying medical disorder, but other times they are simply related to the effects of anesthesia, exhaustion, or powerful medicines. Other times, a senior's physical condition, especially a lack of mobility, may impact their ability to take medications when and how they were prescribed. In these instances, personal home care can literally be the difference between safety and potentially severe consequences.

Failure to Follow Discharge Instructions. In much the same way that medication management is a challenge for seniors returning home, other components of a doctor's discharge instructions may also be difficult or even impossible for a senior to follow. Part of the problem is that many instructions are given close to discharge when a senior is still recovering from their operation, procedure, or treatment. As a result, they are often not in a condition to fully understand or remember all of the different things that need to be done. Other times, a senior may not have all of the equipment or supplies required for care; or the layout of the home may not be conducive to safe recovery. Personal home care from Comfort Keepers can help your senior loved one work through their discharge instructions, pick up needed equipment and supplies, provide transportation to and from follow-up appointments, and even make adjustments in the home to enhance safety (such as setting up a bedroom on the main floor, clearing walkways of fall hazards, and ensuring phones, remote controls, and other frequently used items are within easy reach).

Doing Too Much Too Soon. Just as hazardous to seniors as not doing the right thing is doing too much too soon. Seniors who recover at home tend to recuperate at an advanced pace and with higher spirits. Sometimes this can lead to them taking on more challenges than they should. Other times, there is simply no other choice. After all, they have to eat, bathe, get dressed, and so forth. Comfort Keepers caregivers give seniors the option of taking things slow and easy. Caregivers will certainly encourage seniors to do as much as they safely can, but the support ensures they don't have to push themselves beyond their health level.

For more information on the many ways a Comfort Keepers caregiver can help your senior loved one safely transition from hospital to home, contact a personal home care coordinator today.

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