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End of Life Care in Plain City, OH

Find out about the supports that end of life care provides and how this can help you and your loved one in Plain City, OH truly cherish your remaining time together.

When a senior loved one is nearing the end of their time on earth, it is important to help them avoid pain, reduce symptoms, and increase their sense of well-being. These are all parts of a process known as dying with dignity. End of life care, or hospice, is an important part of this process.

End of life care is a team-based approach to address the physical, social, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a seniors final six months. Since the purpose of this care is to control pain and symptoms and not to find a cure or heal a person, it is not available until all curative treatments and procedures have been stopped.

How Does End of Life Care Help Seniors and Families in Plain City, OH?

The care that focuses on the end of life should not be confused with palliative care. Palliative care, or comfort care, is an important part of hospice, but it is available from the initial diagnosis and can continue all the way to a senior's passing. Palliative care does not prohibit curative treatments. In fact, it is designed to work with them. Even so, once curative treatments have ceased, palliative treatment can continue.

In addition to standard palliative care, hospice care takes a more active approach to pain management with the use of opioids and other medications that alter a person's level of consciousness, alertness, and lucidity. Determining the extent of use of these medications is an important component to care.

Non-medical components of hospice are equally as important. For example, making sure a senior is comfortable, fed, groomed, and kept company. Comfort Keepers provides care in the comfort of a senior's own home. From transitioning and positioning to eating and toileting support, bathing, grooming, dressing, and oral hygiene, caregivers ensure seniors look and feel their best. Additionally, caregivers can prepare meals, do the laundry, take care of light housekeeping, and even do the shopping or run errands. Depending on the time a senior has left, these supports can be essential to family members who want to spend every precious second with their loved one and not worrying about chores.

For more information about the many ways Comfort Keepers end of life care can benefit your loved one, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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